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Take your camera and make some interesting video from our Absintherie. Share it on Facebook or YouTube and send the link to absintherie@absint.cz The best win crowded absinth refreshment :)

The price will be available in september 2010.


Welcome in our brand new Absintheria, were we will take care of you as good as we can during you are examine the exhibition of Absinthe and necessary accessories as absinthe spoons and glasses. At the same time you can enjoy our specialities such as Absinthe ice cream, Absinthe cakes and coffee. Of course it is a must to let us prepare you Absinthe the proper way as it should be served. Visit our Absintheria for refreshing, knowlage and for rest during your rambling through Prague. Come and taste the whole range of Czech and Swiss Absinthe. In our shop you can buy only high quality Absinthe and other assortment for low price.